Charlton Robinson & Associates

At Charlton Robinson + Associates we provide legal solutions to business owners, associations and individuals wanting to plan for the worst while hoping for the best. Our team will become part of your circle of trust. We will ensure your business, personal assets and those you love the most are protected.   In the event of the worst, we’ve got your back to protect against online bullying, defamation and harm to your reputation.

Our team has vast expertise and experience in our speciality legal areas but with added skills in business, psychology and police investigation.  When it comes to serving our clients, we know how the law applies but also understand the emotional and financial toll.  

We believe the law was created for all but has not always been accessible or fair to all. That’s why it’s been our mission at Charlton Robinson + Associates to create a range of services using advances in technology to provide quality, affordable legal advice and representation.

We are also about empowering our clients, believing the best way to deal with a legal crisis is to avoid one in the first place. Our knowledge is your knowledge.