We are a boutique law firm based in Leichhardt, NSW, specialising in migration law.  We handle all types of visa applications, tribunal appeals, court appeals and citizenship matters.

We are looking for two final year law students wanting to work 2-3 shifts per week, standard 9-5 work hours.

You will be given meaningful work, supervised by the Principal Solicitor.

Selection Criteria

You must have:

  1. excellent attention to detail;
  2. Flexible work hours, may need to stay back after hours if it is reasonable to do so;
  3. Ability to work as a team player in a team environment;
  4. Ability to take phone calls from new enquiries on a daily basis;
  5. Manage administrative tasks effectively;
  6. Get along well with the rest of the team;
  7. ability to stick to deadlines;
  8. ability to work efficiently and effectively;
  9. ability to write clearly and sufficiently, in plain English as far as the context permits;
  10. good communication skills;
  11. good time management skills; and
  12. an interest in migration law.


Please send:

  1. covering letter addressing the selection criteria (including examples);
  2. your resume; and
  3. copies of your academic transcripts to date.

Please send your enquiry with the required documents to” &

You will be paid a reasonable daily allowance.