Revolution Law was established in 2015 from a home office in Logan. With no lavish setup, fancy décor, city office of fancy marketing tactics Revolution Law relied solely on the commitment, passion and expertise of Ryan Birch. Powered by a passion for obtaining the best result and building meaningful client relationships  Revolution Law grew rapidly.  To date, Revolution Law has gained a reputation as a firm committed to going above and beyond for individuals.    

The first office was opened in 2016, and the second office was opened in 2019. Revolution Law is now a team of  18 passionate and incredible individuals each fuelled by the ethos of the firm.  Each team is led by either a Senior Lawyer or Special Counsel and they are supported by junior lawyers and paralegals.  The calibre of each team member is valuable and ensures the best progression of a claim.  We have capped our firms growth for now as we believe that clients value not having to jump through the hoops of a corporate entity.

There are no partners or shareholders to report to, which means that claims are never under settled to meet quarterly budgets or targets. Transparency and communication is important to us and Ryan retains an open door policy with every team member and client.

When our clients sign with us, they sign up to a family operated law firm. We are real people, with real stories and we are more than just a brand. Revolution Law will continue to strive for excellence and be focused on the best outcome and best experience for the client.