We are powered by people.  Our consultants have strong networks of relationships within Tokyo and are highly motivated to match you with our clients in the right way. 

Successful placements happen when the client and candidate share the same values. Both need to share a vision of the successful outcomes and rewards of entering into a working relationship.  Every placement is unique. A vision can only be defined through the recruitment process and based on the needs of the company and the individual. Each successful match needs an experienced consultant to help align both parties’ goals to ensure you start on a great foundation.

Only people that are engaged in their jobs, love their jobs. Specialized Group are committed to be the recruiter of choice for consultants. Investing in our people and culture helps you. 

Partnering with experienced, highly motivated, well trained and respected consultants adds value to your search. Our relationships will place you in front of people that you are most likely to want to join.   We offer you the opportunity to accelerate your career internationally, giving you early exposure to clients and an opportunity to progress quickly in your career.