Chancery Legal Pty Ltd

Chancery Legal Pty Ltd is a multi-disciplined law practice specialising in complex litigation and dispute resolution-based matters.

Members of our team have a proven track record in obtaining successful results for their clients, whether that be through the use of our extensive negotiation skills resulting in favourable settlements or through our tenacious and robust approach in matters requiring the determination of the court.

Members of our team have run successful trials in all jurisdictions, appearing in the Supreme Courts of both Queensland and New South Wales, the Queensland Court of Appeal, and the High Court of Australia.

Our Practices success emanates from our overriding philosophy of taking a holistic approach and strategy in all matters regardless of their complexity. Our forensic approach to all matters commences from the outset, this ensures an accurate assessment of your matter to enable you to make an informed decision as to how you may wish to progress your matter being cognisant from the outset of the various steps and costs that come with litigation, both financially and commercially.