Hamilton Locke

As one of Australia’s fastest growing law firms, we are focused on transforming the traditional approach to corporate and commercial legal counsel. We react quickly to change while continuously driving maximum value for clients by providing exceptional service, finding creative solutions and delivering smart advice. 

We have built a people-centric business from day one, bringing together top talent from across the globe. We are driven by maximising the 'people experience' – PX and creating a vibrant culture. We believe a strong PX drives the best possible 'client experience' – CX and therefore we strive to create a work environment focused on learning, teamwork and collaboration, underpinned by a values-based leadership model.

By making use of modern systems and technology, our team is freed up from bureaucracy and administration to really focus on doing what they do best - solving complex client problems. We have invested in state-of-the art systems to automate, offshore, process map and outsource to deliver the most efficient and effective service for our clients.