Chambers Russell Lawyers

Chambers Russell Lawyers is a fast growing firm with its head office located in the Sydney CBD. We practice across commercial, construction, civil litigation, debt-recovery, insurance, personal injury, strata and property law.

We think that the following features of Chambers Russell Lawyers distinguish us from our peers:

  • Chambers Russell Lawyers is a "people first" organisation. This means that we aim to recruit and retain great people. We provide competitive remuneration and real opportunity for organic career growth all the way through to partnership.
  • We have a high performance culture but keep things simple. Our mandate is to solve problems and add value.
  • We are committed to ensuring that our lawyers are supported to forge the legal careers that they want for themselves. We do this by securing high-quality work across a diversity of clients; we promote lawyer mobility across our practice areas; and we constantly work to ensure the objectives of the firm, our people and our clients are aligned.
  • We believe that innovation and technology will continue to transform the way that legal services and solutions are provided. As a result, we are heavily invested in legal-tech development. Wherever possible, we integrate process innovation and technology with our practice of law to improve outcomes for all of our stakeholders.
  • We aim to do good in the world. We will not take on work or clients where doing so would compromise our values.