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Zhang Shijing Lawyers has been delivering affordable and quality legal solutions since we opened in 2011. We are dedicated to providing the best legal advice in immigration, litigation, conveyancing, criminal, family and commercial matters.

Our founder, Shijing Zhang, has over 25 years experience as a solicitor, and is a leading Immigration and litigation attorney in Australia. Mr Zhang has also been the subject of numerous personal profiles in Australian media and is a qualified physician.

15 Feb, 2024
Full time
Zhang Shijing Lawyers Sydney NSW, Australia
PLT Job Description: 1. PLT programs cover a range of practical skills and proficiency needed for legal practice. 2. Topics include drafting legal documents, client communication, court appearances, legal research, and more. Litigation Solicitor Job Description: Initial Case Investigation and Assessment : Litigation Solicitors assess evidence to defend potential suits against their clients (if working for defendants). For claimants, they determine if enough evidence exists to warrant a lawsuit. Pre-litigation settlement discussions may occur to avoid going to trial. Pleadings and Motions : Claimant Litigators initiate lawsuits by filing a summons and complaint against defendants. Defence Litigators collaborate with clients to investigate allegations and formulate responses. Pre-trial motions (e.g., to strike evidence or change trial location) are drafted. Case Management Conference : The court ensures...
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14 Mar, 2024