Stirling & Rose

Stirling and Rose is a first-of-a-kind legal practice specialising in crypto assets, web 3.0 and digital law. Our partner cohort have a long track record across some of the most complex transactions and applications of digital law in the market and have been influential in policy making and regulation internationally. We have served investors, platform providers, entrepreneurs, financial institutions and Governments in new governance of web 3.0, central bank digital currencies, NFTs and property law, digital ethics and human rights. We are uniquely positioned to advise on FinTech, RegTech and LegalTech holistically.

In a further signal of cyrpto currencies being brought into the mainstream, the market for dedicated law firms in this space has begun with the launch of Stirling and Rose. With vast amounts of value at stake, specialists are needed to help organisations navigate the fast evolving legal and regulatory landscape. Founders of Stirling and Rose believe practitioners at the cutting edge of tech and law need a different operating model to traditional law, who are still clinging to an outdated model of hourly-billing services.

Our leadership team consists of a multidisciplinary group of global experts, who care deeply about justice in our technological future, as well as providing an exceptional environmental for people to thrive.