Twomey Dispute Lawyers

There’s something you’ll notice straightaway about Twomey Dispute Lawyers.

We might be litigation specialists on the Gold Coast, but you won’t notice our water views. (We don’t have them). And you won’t feel lost in a boardroom suitable for a Security Council meeting. (Our meeting room seats a regular number of people.)

What you’ll notice straightway is how fast you get what you need. There are no hoops between you and a lawyer with an answer.

We can be responsive because we’ve designed our firm to attract top-flight litigators. Litigators want to work here because we take on only disputes. That means our lawyers aren’t expected to upsell estate planning or conveyancing. So, with none of that distraction, your lawyer has time to be very, very good at the one thing we do — resolving disputes.

In a dispute, you want to grab the phone early to a specialist lawyer. Getting expert advice early gives you the best chance of a good result.

This is true in all commercial disputes, including matters of intellectual property or defamation law, building and construction disputes, property disputes, employment law cases, estate disputes, shareholders’ disputes or a partnership disagreement.

Arming yourself with expert advice early removes the risk of shooting holes through your own case. You maintain all your options, putting you in the strongest position.

That said, not all lawyers are as easy as we are to get rapid legal advice from.

You need a lawyer who can steer a route around or through the problem. That route should be something your lawyer can lay out in plain English.

Are you staring down the barrel of a dispute that has — or could — turn nasty? If you are, you need a lawyer with the nuanced thinking to see 15 moves ahead. You need a lawyer with rolled-up sleeves — and the resolve to stare down whatever the other side throws at you.

That’s Twomey Dispute Lawyers.