Papantoniou Blake Lawyers

Papantoniou Blake is a small to medium sized independent Sydney legal firm. Its offices in Sydney are situated in the geographical heart of Sydney centre in Toongabbie. We have been synonymous with high quality legal service in western Sydney for over 30 years.

The policy of the firm is to provide to our clients an umbrella of high quality legal services through an experienced and capable team of solicitors.

A central theme of the firm’s management has been the development of departments: Family Law, Commercial, Conveyancing and Land Development, Probate and Litigation. This structure focuses knowledge and expertise, and provides our clients a speedy, cost-effective and expertly delivered legal service which reflects their particular needs.

Our legal associations extend to other law firms in all States. Furthermore, because of the long history of the firm and its partners in western Sydney we have a strong client base involved in all facets of business and commercial activities. The firm also represents numerous interstate and international clients.