Auslaw Partners

Auslaw Partners ( or is a leading multicultural law firm in Australia with a multicultural background (English/Chinese/Cantonese/Korean/Malay/Vietnamese/Thai, etc.) which is founded by a group of Chinese lawyers in Brisbane in 2020, and practical experience in cases involving various jurisdictions with an attitude of acknowledging truth-seeking, comprehensive and timely, and abiding by law and morality.

Auslaw Partners ( or provide clients with the best legal support experience based on legal professional ethics and responsible service consciousness strive and while deeply understanding the needs and purpose of customers, we sincerely provide our professional guidance and suggestions to continuously improve the service process, improve customer satisfaction and obtain a sense of service experience. Auslaw Partners stands here to help and speak for you when you need professional legal services. We tailor specific legal service for individual or groups by customizing and assess situations that involve various clients’ requirements.