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MRI Now serves to deliver health and wellbeing outcomes through a proactive approach to assisting people access medical services. MRI Now improve the individuals experience when requiring a medical imaging booking, a doctor’s and or specialists appointment in our MRI Now Specialists, GP and Medical Imaging Network. We will ensure all the administration and costs are covered to allow the person to be proactive and have an imaging test same day or next day. MRI Now will pay for the private scans and while we do not organise Medicare appointments we are happy to provide the patient with service providers and ratings based on the service of the Imaging Operator, GP and Specialist or simply organise an appointment that meets your personal needs. We understand what you need by providing clear accurate and faster response times maximises your health outcome. We care that as the patient your experience assists you to remove the stress of paperwork patient assessment. We know the impact of higher quality radiology and the down line consequence of enabling a quicker, safer and healthier return to work.