AC Law Group

AC Law Group are criminal lawyers with offices in Parramatta, Blacktown and Sydney CBD, but we appear in all Australian courts.

Our co-founder 2017 NSW Australian of the Year Deng Adut, one of Australia’s best-known solicitors, is dedicated to Western Sydney (having been raised in Blacktown following his life as a child soldier in South Sudan).

To bring the best legal representation to the west and so clients no longer had to travel east to access high-calibre representation, he opened AC Law Group’s first criminal law office in Blacktown and its head office at Parramatta. He retains a third office in Sydney CBD as a central meeting point for other clients.

In an age where law firms lack identity and are run like McDonalds franchises, we are different in that when we say we believe in justice for all, we mean it. We are renowned for being a business that puts communities before commerce and people before profits. To ensure our clients have access to the best representation available we offer free first conferences, fixed fees, payment plans and give our solicitors discretion to reduce prices on a case-by-case basis.