Climate Friendly Pty Ltd

Acting to combat climate change is the world’s most pressing environmental challenge. Climate Friendly was founded in 2003 and is a profit-for-purpose business, focused on growth as a means to maximise our impact on climate change.

As one of Australia’s largest and most experienced carbon farming project developers, Climate Friendly helps land owners and land managers to unlock economic, social and environmental value through improved management of Australia’s land.

This includes more than 100 partnerships with farmers, agribusiness and Indigenous groups on carbon farming projects. We have already delivered more than 5 million tonnes of carbon abatement through our Australian carbon farming project portfolio since 2015, worth around $60 million to our landholders based on average market prices.

We have a proven track record, with a large and growing portfolio of land-based projects across a wide range of methods, land types, land tenures, and geographies.