Our Ambition

To build a home for the law

There is no “home” for the law. There are lots of experts, services and content, but there is nothing that brings it all together. This creates problems for everyone in the profession: barristers, solicitors, legal executives, chambers, law firms, general counsels, but also clients. It is hard to locate the right specialists. It is expensive for people to market their expertise, discover opportunities and get new client leads. Research is slow, expensive and inefficient. This is why we are building Juriosity, a home for law which brings everyone together, provides the best content, creates new business opportunities and champions the sharing of knowledge.

What is Juriosity?

Juriosity is a new directory, professional network and digital self-publishing platform for the legal market.

It enables legal professionals, academics and law students to:

  • showcase their profile and demonstrate their expertise to a relevant audience
  • enhance their professional reputation by publishing within their area of specialisation
  • research legal knowledge and stay up to date on key developments in law
  • address and generate new clients
  • collaborate with industry professionals

Juriosity allows consumers and clients to:

  • find the right legal specialists
  • engage with legal experts
  • access high-quality legal content