Mackay Lawyers & Advisors

Mackay Lawyers & Advisors is a specialist, boutique legal and advisory firm that delivers optimal solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. 

We stand apart in a crowded marketplace because we are free from the constraints of other professional services firms – from rigid structure and inflexible ways, from the burden of the contemporary law firm model, from commercial conflicts and internal distractions.  Flexible and agile, we tailor an approach to your needs and use our expertise to achieve the best outcome in the best way.

Our clients include large institutions, listed and unlisted public companies, fund managers, trustees, private companies and individuals, insolvency practitioners and accounting firms, creditors, shareholders, directors, and people and organisations pursued for claimed debts.  Our clients range from hedge funds targeting distressed assets in highly charged and complex situations to private individuals whose wealth and livelihood is under threat.

We don’t aspire to be all things to all people.  Instead we focus on our strengths - commercial litigation, complex disputes, funds management and financial services, regulation, assets and investments, agribusiness and risk – and utilise an extensive network of specialists in other fields and jurisdictions to deliver Australia-wide the services and specialties our clients require.

We are growing organically, rapidly, and give opportunities to students and graduates to be part of our team and growth.