Our practice commenced in 1967 in the town of Noble Park and for over 40 years we have not only serviced people locally but all over Victoria in many and varied areas of the law.

In 1967 a former policeman by the name of John Francis Borchard opened up one of the inaugural law firms in Noble Park. Before long Mr Borchard sought out the partnership of successful Barrister Bernard John Moore, and in 1973 formed a partnership that would remain an institution in Noble Park for years to come.

Mr Moore along with his once protégé Matthew Peter Phaedonos are now joint partners of Borchard & Moore and look forward to continuing to project their great business chemistry on the wider community.

Borchard & Moore is a firm of rich history with an eye for the future. Members of our firm are both experienced and eager to assist in a comprehensive range of legal practice. We are able to adapt to the needs of our clients allowing a familiarity, loyalty and comfort for those who engage in our services supported by our dedicated and disciplined staff.

We are a proud member of the Law Institute of Victoria and aim at maintaining a high level of service to the community while abiding by the ethical standards demanded by our membership to the Law Institute of Victoria.

We look forward to assisting our clients with great vigour along with maintaining our strong alliance with the community which includes sponsorships of local sportspeople and football clubs, namely Noble Park Bulls Football Club and St John’s Old Collegians Football Club.