Manawatu Community Law Centre

Based in Palmerston North,  the Manawatu Community Law centre strives to meet the legal needs of low income and marginalised communities within our rohe. We see legal needs in the context of both an individual and wider community’s needs.
Manawatu Community Law Centre  (MCLC) aims to improve the everyday lives of individuals and their whānau. 

Our service focuses on the provision of essential legal needs. 




Essential legal needs are:
“Legal problems or situations that put into jeopardy a person or a person’s family’s liberty; personal safety and security, health, education, equality, employment, housing and ability to meet the basic necessities of life.” (CBA 2016).  These form the priority areas of MCLC’s work.

MCLC also:

  • Provides help in areas of law particularly relevant for Māori under Article 3 of Te Tiriti o Waitangi
  • Provides help that is otherwise unavailable
  • Helps those who are most in need


Manawatu Community Law Centre  wishes to advise and represent clients to gain the best possible outcome for their legal issue, as well as collaborating with clients to help them gain the knowledge, control, and power they need over their legal issues, and their lives.