Lincoln Legal Pty Ltd

Lincoln Legal Pty Ltd is a rapidly expanding law practice with offices situated in Waterloo, Crows Nest, Hurstville and Kingsford in New South Wales. We offer a professional workplace with opportunities in a wide range of legal practice areas with support from an increasing team of experienced solicitors. 

09 Jun, 2023
Lincoln Legal Pty Ltd Crows Nest NSW, Australia
The Opportunity Opportunity to join our team to gain experience during your College of Law PLT Training.   You will be tasked with reviewing contract. drafting contract. assisting experienced counsel attending court. preparing court documents. briefing counsel. working with experienced solicitor. meeting clients as a learning student. You will gain valuable experience with us in a wide range of legal practice areas.  On completion of your work experience placement, there is an opportunity to join a robust team as a part-time or full-time employee, subject to meeting performance criteria and standards. Application Methods If you are the right fit (energetic, pays attention to fine details, smart, enthusiastic, sociable), please apply through:  the College of Law Job Board email your interest to complete the online application form using the following link: This application is...
Expiration Date:
22 Jun, 2023