Miller And Prince Lawyers

Miller & Prince Lawyers was founded with an ethos of lawyers committed to providing advice and expertise at the premier level. Our cohesive team is vehemently fixated on solving our clients' most paramount complications. We are uniquely positioned to help our clients achieve their ambitions and also aspire to achieve extraordinary results for our clients.

We have experience in the fields of corporate and commercial, banking and finance, insolvency and restructuring, securities law, real estate and building and construction. Our principals have managed large, complex and demanding transactions. We counsel domestic and international organisations that are large, medium and small and that operate in a range of industry sectors.

Our unique structure defines our approach. The feedback that we obtain suggests that we are easy to work with because of our collaborative perspective and the accessibility of our principals. We adopt a ratio of associates to principals considerably below that of other law firms. We concentrate on matters that necessitate the attention, experience and sophistication of our principals. We limit the number and type of matters we assume and work together to allow the necessary personnel to contribute their expertise. Our structure and approach invite talented and entrepreneurial lawyers, who empower us to produce distinguished results for our clients in complex and critical matters.