Bellissimo Lawyers

 Boutique  litigation practice in the heart of Sydney, specialising in Compensation Law 

24 Jan, 2023
Bellissimo Lawyers Sydney NSW, Australia
We are a small boutique litigation firm in the heart of Sydney, specialising in compensation law and also practicing in contested wills, family law, criminal law and commercial law matters. We are seeking a graduate law volunteer to assist in the practice 2 - 3 days a week for a minimum period of 3 months.  We run a law firm practicing in diverse areas of law. Our firm is a great introduction to up and coming lawyers entering into the legal profession. Our firm works in an enthusiastic, positive and enjoyable environment providing an excellent and compassionate service to our clients.  We will provide some mentoring with a focus to developing your skills that will assist you in your future in the legal profession. Applicants are requested to provide a CV  via email.
Expiration Date:
23 Feb, 2023