Tahota Law Firm

Tahota (Sydney) Law Firm, established in 2018, is the first branch of Tahota Law Group to be extended in the Oceania region. The Sydney branch office is located in the central CBD of Sydney; being the Capital city of the State of New South Wales, Australia.

Tahota (Sydney) Law Firm characterizes profound awareness and extensive foresight in advanced development, and by recruiting and attracting numerous exceptional lawyers thus depicts its aim in meeting diversified client needs as well as the provision of a broad range of professional services to its clients. By offering an all-around three-dimensional legal professional service and ethics being tailored to each individual client’s needs, we have accumulated an extensive wealth of clients and have won unanimous appraisal amongst our clients as well as other personnel of our industry.

Tahota (Sydney) Law Firm reinforced by our abundant client base and collaboration network both in China as well as with the international branch firms, we are able to capture and be updated with the latest policy changes, legislations and regulations thus empowering us to provide valuable assistance to our clients in various differing fields of law. Solicitors of our team are not only educated in renowned law schools but are also equipped with plentiful practical experience in their relevant areas of expertise. Ultimately ensuring quality service as well as upholding a reliable and responsible persona. Hence, Tahota (Sydney) Law Firm is not only the most preferable candidate for investment in China by Australian Companies, but also the foremost partner to collaborate with for Chinese companies looking into entering into the international market.

Tahota (Sydney) is qualified to provide legal services with respect to industries including Finance, Construction and Real Estate, Commercial Law, Securities Trade, Funds, Education, Agriculture, Hotels, Mining, Entertainment, Food, Retail, Media, and etc. Meanwhile, Tahota (Sydney) has also accumulated robust experience in numerous areas of law including the Share Market, Funds, Cross-border Investment  and Finance, International Trade, Venture Capital, Mergers and Acquisitions,  International Investment, International Construction and Projects, Intellectual Property, Immigration and etc.