Proactive claims management that goes beyond

Proclaim is an independent specialist claim manager, providing innovative outsourced claim management services across all lines of commercial general insurance. With our forward thinking model, coupling sharp technology with even sharper people, it is possible to provide a better customer experience while also saving our clients time & money.

Prolific expertise across all lines

Proclaim provides outsourced claim management services across all lines of commercial general insurance to two main classes of clients – first, self-insured larger companies like Property Trusts and large retailers (corporate), and insurance companies and their underwriting agents (insurance).


We want to have the best people working for us to provide the best possible insurance claims solutions to our customers. Proclaim employees are outstanding at what they do, and we expect nothing less from those who want to work for us. We are on the lookout for dynamic team players who swing to the fences and are not afraid to set the bar high, and then surpass it.

We’re not talking about automatons though – you’ve got to have a little soul. That means we expect you to play as hard as you work. Luckily, at Proclaim, we like both.


At Proclaim our purpose is to ‘Go beyond’. Our employees are encouraged to innovate and find superior solutions for our customers, all the better if they stand outside the traditional A through Z. To do that we need smart self-starters who like autonomy and responsibility. We provide an extensive training program, and you execute our strategies to save our clients time and money.

We have offices in both Sydney and Melbourne CBD.