About US

Established in 1999, we are a specialist immigration firm serving different communities all over the world.

We strive to provide clients with the best services with affordable fees.

We have a team of experts practising in all aspect of Immigration Law, ranging from general advice, prepare and lodging skills assessments, visa applications, Tribunal as well as Court appeals, as well as drafting required documents and submissions making your case stronger.

We will deal with all your immigration and legal matters no matter how large or small. We love challenging cases as we have developed expertise in, we will treat minor issues equally as they do matter to you.

Our consultants are fully trained and registered Australian lawyers and Migration Agents. We are not only providing you with expert immigration advice, we may advise and assist you in other legal matters especially if your immigration matter may have an effect or being affected by them. We will look your matter from different legal perspectives to ensure your interest is best protected.

It is your one stop expert immigration firm that you can trust!