Anti-Slavery Australia

Anti-Slavery Australia is a specialist legal centre at the University of Technology Sydney working to end modern slavery.

For over a decade, we have played an active role in transforming the Australian legal and policy response to human trafficking, slavery and slavery-like practices. Based in the Faculty of Law at UTS, the Centre works to end slavery by conducting legal research, advocating for law reform and policy change, delivering training to businesses and community organisations, and by providing access to specialist, pro-bono legal advice and representation to people who have experienced modern slavery and forced marriage.

13 May, 2024
Part time
Anti-Slavery Australia Ultimo NSW, Australia
Anti-Slavery Australia is seeking motivated law students with a passion for human rights and access to justice, to complete their PLT Practical Experience (PE) Placement with the legal practice. Anti-Slavery Australia  is based in the University of Technology Sydney’s Faculty of Law, and is dedicated to eliminating modern slavery in Australia. The Centre supports survivors of trafficking, slavery, forced labour and forced marriage through our specialist pro-bono legal practice. Students who have completed their PLT placements with ASA in the past have found it to be an extremely rewarding experience and many have gone on to work in the legal profession with a strong human rights and social justice focus. A Practical Experience placement with the Anti-Slavery Australia legal team offers a unique opportunity to work collaboratively within a legal team and be involved in the day to day work of a busy legal practice, as well as research and policy development. Please note a...
Expiration Date:
08 Jun, 2024